What is G-4 Visa?

About G-4 Visa

  1. G-4 visa is nonimmigrant visa allowing foreign officers or employees of international organizations of any rank to enter into the U.S. to engage in business activities and not for personal business and pleasure.
  2. The dependents of the staff and immediate family members of principal G-4 visa holders also qualify for G-4 visa. 
  3. A G-4 visa holder is limited to perform only those duties that are related to the international organization and agreements designated by the President under the International Organizations Immunities Act. 
  4. A G-4 visa holder may stay in the U.S. indefinitely as long as the Secretary of State continues to recognize holders G4 status. There is no requirement that the applicant must have a foreign residence to which he or she intends to return. 
  5. Dependents are eligible to work (EAD)
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Can I apply for a drivers license with a G-4 visa?