I-140 Premium Processing Expanded

Beginning March 2, 2009, USCIS will accept Request for Premium Processing Service, including applicants who no longer in H-1B status and whose six years are finished.

For example, if a beneficiary has already exhausted his H-1B limit and switched to another non-immigrant status or left the country, he should now be eligible for PPS.

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Eligibility for requesting I-140 Premium Processing:
  • Are the beneficiary of a Form I-140 petition filed in a preference category that has been designated for premium processing service; 
  • Have reached the sixth-year statutory limitation of their H-1B stay, or will reach the end of their sixth year of H-1B stay within 60 days of filing; 
  • Are only eligible for a further H-1B extension under section 104(c) of the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-first Century Act of 2000 (AC21); and 
  • Are ineligible to extend their H-1B status under section 106(a) of AC21.

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Anonymous said...

Must I-140 be filed (before 3/2/09) in order to satisfy the new I-140 PP requirement?

What if I-140 petition hasn't been filed? Will it be satisfied the eligibility for requesting I-140 Premium Processing?

Thank you.